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Data InPress | Glencoe Software, Inc.

What is Data InPress?

Data InPress from Glencoe Software is a suite of tools for integrating multidimensional image data into on-line publications.

Glencoe Software's DataViewer technology provides interactive visualization of original, multi-dimensional image data in over 150 different file formats. Our Video Injection Service makes video data an integral part of any article by placing videos in-line in the full text.

Let us help your authors share their original image data and your readers connect to those data.

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You can host and display original, multidimensional image data in over 150 file formats with Glencoe Software's DataViewer technology. The DataViewer provides a mechanism for your authors to fulfill the data sharing requirements of their institutions and funders. Authors can share the original image data underlying their publications to validate their findings and provide the raw materials for others to build on those findings. Readers can use interactive tools to adjust how the data are visualized, analyze the data, and download the data for further analysis with desktop applications. Interactive graphical displays can link images and metadata.

The DataViewer can host a wide variety of data types, including:

  • 5-dimensional confocal microscopy
  • High content imaging screens
  • Very large images (e.g., 300 Gigapixels)
  • Electron tomography
  • Gels and blots
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Data InPress | Glencoe Software, Inc.
Data InPress | Glencoe Software, Inc.

Video Injection Service

Make video data an integral part of your articles by placing videos in-line within the full text. We take videos in any file format and convert them into standardized formats for display in play-in-place viewers on any device:

  • desktop
  • tablet
  • phone
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Data Management

The Data InPress Administration Console allows you to monitor and manage the image data content in all manuscripts through an easy-to-use interface.

Usage statistics provide insight into readers' interactions with image data.

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Data InPress | Glencoe Software, Inc.

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What Our Customers are Saying

We are pleased to partner with Glencoe Software to offer this new streamlined presentation of video data in PNAS research articles. We strive to make all types of data in our articles as accessible as possible to our readers.
Dana Compton, PNAS Publication Director
Data InPress brings multidimensional image data to life. The Video Injection service provides a simple, elegant, and absolutely seamless method of placing videos in the body of the article. No workflow changes required!
Rob O'Donnell, Rockefeller University Press

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